All Natural & Zero Waste Oral Care

Starting the zero-waste lifestyle can feel overwhelming, especially because so many of our every-day habits produce waste. When we pay attention, it’s hard not to notice our waste. Typical daily items wasted by families may include: zip-lock bags, saran wrap, food packaging, razor, toothbrushes, toiletry containers, spam mail…etc. As you go about your day, notice what fills most of your trash bags?

My best recommendations for beginners (I still consider myself to be a beginner) is to start with one area at a time. Today, I’d like to present to you how you can work towards reducing waste within your oral-care routine. Typical waste items produced in this area include: toothpaste packaging and plastic toothbrushes.

Though the waste does not feel dramatic, there are other more environmentally friendly options that will make a difference long term. These options are also much healthier alternatives (in my opinion).

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I was skeptical when I ordered my first set of bamboo toothbrushes. To be honest, there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to producing much more environmentally friendly products. Though at first I noticed these toothbrushes to be noticeable lighter than other plastic toothbrushes, they have shown to be amazing alternatives. They feel of stronger quality, and what I mean by that is the bristles in my toothbrushes still feel and look brand new. My husband who is notoriously known for always destroying his toothbrush bristles hasn’t. This says something. I do prefer a medium strength bristles and that’s what my experience has been the few brands I have tried. You can however, order a soft strength bristles if you so desire. Bamboo keeps really well and is easy to clean. I believe these toothbrushes look classier and feel much more natural to use. It’s a win, win, win - switch!


This can be the tricky part. Homemade or most natural toothpastes do not feel or taste anything like traditional ones. If you haven’t switched to a natural brand of toothpaste this may be hard at first. My husband and I started by switching to the Thieves natural toothpaste which we love. Recently decided to start making our own just to produce less waste - we are loving it. This switch was easier because we had stopped using traditional toothpaste years ago.

My favorite recipe for some effective and natural toothbrush includes:

5 TBS of Coconut Oil

2 TBS of Baking Soda

1-2 Drops of Spearmint Essential Oil


  • BAMBOO TRAVELING CASE: This will come in handy for when you travel. Its a beautiful way to store your toothbrush.

  • GLASS JAR: If you use essential oils for your homemade too paste, it is recommended to keep it in a glass jar. I prefer to have my own personal jar. I also use small jars so that they are easy and safe to travel with.

  • ESSENTIAL OILS: I love using essential oils in my homemade toothpaste for flavor and benefits. I generally do not mix flavors but switch flavors once I am out. Some of my favorite flavors include spearmint, peppermint & thieves. Make sure to use high quality essential oils that are also labeled for internal use. Click here to learn more about my favorite essential oils!




Here is how amazing this toothpaste REALLY is. Check out my results below, these pictures are completely unfiltered. On the top is what my teeth looked like before switching to my homemade toothpaste. The bottom is what my teeth look like now.