12 Top Essential Oil Accesories from Amazon!

I got my first set of essential oils on Christmas of 2015, and have been using them everyday since. Essential oils are incredibly versatile as they are a pure ingredient that can be transformed into many other products. I use them in so many areas of my life and I often learn of new ways to use them. In this post, I’d like to share with you some of the best tools and accessories you can purchase so that you can get the best out of YOUR essential oils. Keep scrolling to see the 12 top most affordable accessories from Amazon to get started with your Essential Oils!

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#1 GLASS ROLLERS. Glass rollers are true savers! Glass rollers allow you to blend your essential oils to your liking as well as dilute them to your preference. Making essential oil rollers provide for a very convenient and effective way to use your oils. It will be a much less messy and wasteful process because applying oils will be as simple as rolling. There are various roller recipes available online that will inspire you to try your new favorite blend. I highly recommend you get rollers with metal rolling balls as they are higher in quality and also safer to use.

#2 GLASS SPRAY BOTTLES. Glass spray bottles are typically used to make your own household cleaners. I prefer to use the essential oil based cleaner thieves, but you can also make your own. Glass is preferable over plastic because not all plastics are resistant to strong essential oils like lemon and cinnamon.


#3 ALUMINUM SPRAY BOTTLES. Aluminum spray bottles are my favorite to use for travel since they are lighter and not prone to breaking easily. I use aluminum spray bottles to make pillow sprays, room sprays & even bug-off sprays for my dogs.


#4 COCONUT OIL & OTHER CARRIER OILS. Having a carrier oil available is highly recommended with using essential oils. Carrier oils allow you to dilute the oil and use it easier. Carrier oils are also necessary for safety reasons. If you accidentally get essential oil in your eyes or other sensitive areas using a carrier oil is key.


#5 WOOL DRYER BALLS. I am so glad I switched to wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. The amount of toxins you will eliminate by making this simple switch is truly worth it! Wool dryer balls can last up to 2-5 years or about 1,000 loads. You can use your essential oils to scent the balls before drying. My favorite scents to use are pine and lavender.

#6 DROPPERS. Having some quality droppers available is an excellent idea especially if you want to get into some heavy DIY recipes. There are various recipes online that tell you exact measurements to achieve a certain scent, so grab a quality dropper and get to it!

#7 SAMPLE BOTTLES. If you are reading this post it’s because you love essential oils just as much as I do. Having these sample bottles handy in your purse or home will make it easy for you to share with others. I love giving my friends samples of peppermint & lavender essential oils.

#8 BOTTLE & ROLLER LABELS. Labels are so handy for your all your essential oils bottles especially if you store them in a box. Keep your bottles neatly organized and categorized with these amazing cap labels. I also recommend you use labels on your rollers so that you can easily identify them, plus they will look SO CUTE!

#9 GLASS WATER BOTTLE. Young Living essential oils released a vitality line of essential oils that have an FDA approved label for internal use. My favorite oils to use in tea or in my water include lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Glass is considered the most safe to use with essential oils so make sure to only use glass when using them internally.

#10 ON-THE-GO STORAGE. The best thing about essential oils is that they are easy to carry along, yet at the same time since they are small they can easily get lost in your purse (like everything else haha). I recommend using a small essential oil carrier so that they can stay organized in your purse/backpack.


#11 SHELF & OTHER STORAGE. Once you love one essential oil you’ll want to try more. Your collection may build up quick and you will want to have a place store your essential oils. Definitely consider having a few storage options in your home and enjoy having them easily accessible for your convenience.

#12 GREAT RESOURCES. Grab the best and fan favorite books that will teach you all about essential oils and their usage. Listed below are my favorite books!

With these 12 items from Amazon you will be set and ready to get started and learn of so many ways to use your essential oils. To learn more about essential oils or get started make sure to jump to our essential oils tab.