10 Ways to Give Your Brain a Rest that are Actually FUN!

Just a few weeks ago I posted on the blog why your brain needs more rest beyond sleep, especially in today's world. Though activities like journaling, meditating and taking nature walks are great ways to give your brain a rest there are many other activities that will give your brain that well deserved rest and will feel incredibly FUN. In fact, I'd say after reading this list you will want to give your brain rest ASAP! 

Studies suggest that the main ways our brains rest is through change of activity.  New sights, sounds, smells & activities will help your brain explore, energize and rest. Think of places you'd like to visit, hobbies you'd like to try, or events you'd like to attend and 'TREAT YO BRAIN'. Here are few activities that should help you break everyday routine and refresh your mind: 


1. GOLFING. Okay, it doesn't have to be golfing but it could be any sport that you don't play often. You can sign up for your local softball & soccer leagues. Try yoga, tennis, or go for a swim! Through the winter you can schedule time to go ice-skating, skiing or snowboarding. 
2. CONCERT. The best concerts I've been to have been for bands I had never heard of before. Take a look at the concert schedule in your area, pick a band you may be semi-familiar with and GO! 
3. FARMER'S MARKET. Farmers Markets are a great place to find new things, and meet new people. Visit your local Farmer's Market and try something local you haven't before.  
4. LOCAL FESTIVAL. If you live close to a college town or big city take a look at what festivals they have coming up & go for it. Festivals are full of new smells, sights & sounds. It is a great way to mentally get away.
5. POTTERY/ ART. Most towns have a local pottery/art studio. I love going to these places to make personalized gifts and give my brain and soul a rest. Pottery & painting can be so relaxing! 
6. COFFEE DATE. Pick a new coffee shop and invite a friend to go with you. Don't make it a work date but actually sit and catch-up. Try a new drink & a new appetizer, give it a review together. 
7. DINE AT 'THAT ONE PLACE.' Invite your sweetheart or BFF to a new restaurant in town! Maybe its that new greek restaurant you still haven't gone to - why wait? Your brain needs that rest anyway. Dress up and go enjoy some new tasty food!
8. WEEKEND TRIP. Open google maps and see if there are any close destinations you can take a weekend trip to. The point is to not stress about it but to enjoy it! 
9. GATHER WITH FRIENDS. Plan a s'more or game night with your best buddies. Social connection makes a better brain - no doubt! 
10. TRY A NEW RECIPE. Maybe you love flan, cheesecake or croissants? Great, now you have a great excuse to learn how to make some. Find a recipe, hit the store and go for it. 

Now, remember that in order to give your brain a rest you want to break routine a little bit. It is possible that some of these suggestions do not apply to you. In order to find the perfect activity, make sure that it is different enough from your everyday,  & most importantly FUN! So, what activity will you schedule next to give your brain some rest?