How Your Clothes Could be Contributing To Your Stress

Like you, I never thought much of getting dressed. My philosophy for getting dressed was something like ‘if it’s cheap and cute I’ll buy it and wear it.’ And, as you know, here in the US you can always find cheap and cute clothes. The clearance aisles are mostly full at most department stores especially at the end of seasons. With that philosophy I shopped for whatever whenever. Clothes shopping was an entertainment not a need. Can you relate?

My closet was full, I even ran out of room for my clothes and started to invade my roommate's closet. Yet, when it was time to dress I was mostly unsatisfied. I would make a mess all over my room with piles of clothes all over the floor before I would settle on an outfit. I mostly wore the same few favorite pieces over and over again though I had so many untouched clothes hanging in my closet. Honestly, I didn’t think too much about it, I figured it’s normal to have a closet full of clothes and still struggle to figure out what to wear everyday. I didn’t think there was anything that could be done about it.


I was wrong. I learned that we haven't been doing this ‘getting dressed’ thing exactly right. We are taught to think that the more we have the better it will be. That may be true about a few things, but not about clothes. There are far better ways to go about getting dressed every day that not only will help you look better and feel better but also save you stress, energy, time and even money.

With less clothes you will be able to define your style (something most people never attain) and create a system in your wardrobe that will allow you to maximize the amount of outfits you can create with less pieces. You can love everything you own and getting dressed will be a breeze. Surely you will enjoy a less cluttered closet and have more space to store your clothes in a way that make sense to you. And finally, owning less clothes will redefine the way you shop for clothes. It will no longer be mindless, but it will be purposeful reflecting what you value.

Though getting dressed everyday may not seem like a task big enough to worry about it can be a factor contributing to stress in your everyday life - and who needs that? Evaluating and re-defining this area can be a great way to simplify another area of your life so that you can focus less on that and more on what actually matters to you. To lean more about how to dress with less, join the conversations happening here.