How to Replace Sugar With These 5 Natural Sweeteners

We hear it all the time, “sugar is so bad for you” and as a response maybe we have cut back in our candy and baked goods intake…but have we truly stopped consuming refined sugars in our home? You (like me) have probably grown up with traditional white sugar container in the house, you used it to bake, to sweeten your coffee and tea, and in many other recipes! In fact, you probably know exactly what aisle to find it in and you made sure you never run low.

As more and more research is done on refined sugars, the more we realize there is absolutely zero value to this ingredient. This ingredient impacts your health so negatively and very quickly. Sugar is the king of empty calories, and it can trigger and cause a series of serious illnesses that our culture is now accepting as “normal” such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.


There are many all natural sugars you can incorporate as replacements to your favorite recipes. Keep in mind as you cut refined sugars, your body will painfully crave sugar as it is detoxifying which is normal. With enough time and by using these all natural sweeteners, you will soon find a healthier normal:



Honey is not only a natural sweetener, but also a food. Honey is the only food that is known to have all the substances necessary to sustain life, including amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, water and even anti-microbial properties. Honey has also been known to help allergy symptoms if you consume local honey. Honey is a product that many people tamper with due to is high value so do your research to make sure your honey is pure and natural with no additives. Only about 1-2 tablespoons of honey is recommended per day. Honey is also wonderful for your skin and you can incorporate it in your soaps, or in a homemade hair or face mask.


Stevia is derived from a plant native to paraguay and brazil. It is popularly used among people who have blood sugar issues. Stevia has little to no calories, no sugars, or carbs. It is known to be 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar so a little goes a very long way. Because stevia is very popular, it is important to make the right selection and choosing unrefined or liquid stevia is preferable over refined stevia such as truvia - let’s just say not all stevia is created equal…


Dates are a very sweet fruit. Have you tried them before? They are so delicious, and pair so well with a fresh slice of cheese. They are known to be a super food as they are high in fiber and potassium as well as a high nutrient value. These can be great to add to you pies, fiber bars, or even smoothies to give them that sweet touch you may be craving.


Coconut sugar is excellent to replace white granulated sugar in baking recipes with exact measurements. Coconut is definitely a better choice over regular sugar since it has elements like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, some fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidants and even fiber. It offers health benefits that white sugar cannot.


There are so many kinds of syrups out there, you can find so many kinds. A few remarkable ones include maple syrup & yacon syrup. Most all-natural and pure syrups contain higher levels of nutrients. However, always make sure that you are getting pure products as many  “maple syrups” in grocery stores are usually diluted with corn syrup. Yacon syrup is known for aiding digestion, as well as scoring low on the glycemic index.

And there you have it, never ever buy table sugar again. See my favorite brands below, simply click on the image to purchase. The links provided are affiliate links meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.