3 Practical Reasons Why You Should Cut Back on Meat

When I was younger I used to think that vegetarian's chose to not eat meat because they didn't want animals to die. I didn't quite sympathize with that reason, so I ate my meat because I thought it to be D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Well turns out most vegetarians choose to not eat meat because of animal abuse, and this is not referring to death itself. As our population increases the farming industry tries to keep up and in doing so they often compromise the animal's health and therefore ours too. This of course isn't every farmer and every case but is is very common - so do your own research. 

Anyway, whether you care about animal abuse or not - here are 3 other reason's why you should cut back on meat: 


People often complain that "vegetables are just so dang expensive" and I used to agree. I thought that $3 cauliflower was outrageous and I postponed that investment often even though I absolutely love cauliflower, but with no hesitation I would buy that $3 packet of bacon... Eew. When comparing the prices of vegetables vs. meat, you'll find that if you cut your meat back vegetables become incredibly affordable. The prices of beef are so high right now, and therefore, most of us try to live off ground beef which is unarguably terrible for your heart and health. Most lean meats are very expensive.



YES IT'S TRUE!! Preparing meals without meats is actually easier. First of all you don't have to shop for and worry about today's meat steep prices. Then, guess what? You don't have to freeze it, and then worry bout defrosting it on time for your meal. Finally, your meal prep time will be CUT IN HALF. Meats like pork & poultry usually have a longer cook time - but vegetables cook in a breeze and there are no health concern's if raw. The best tip I can give you is to not make meat the center start of your dish, and you'll have endless meal possibilities. 


Studies show that excessive meat consumption increases the risk of heart disease. The Harvard School of Public Health studied over 120,000 meat eaters and they found that people who ate two services of red meat had a 30% increased chance of dying compared to those who didn't. These meat-eaters tended to die younger and die more from from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Excessive meat consumption has also shows to increase the chances for a stroke.

Okay, so cutting down on meat will save you money, make meal-prep easier & keep ya healthier. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? To get your feet wet simply start with #MeatlessMondays and plan for one vegetarian day per week. Coming up next will be a series of meatless recipes for you my friends!