The Top 3 Empty-Calorie Foods You Should Quit Eating

Whether you pay attention to Calories or not, making sure you consume the 'right' calories is important for overall nutrition and wellness. So, what are empty-calories? Empty Calories usually refer to the calories from solid fats (i.e. shortening, trans fat and saturated fat) and sugars. Most popular snack foods are usually high in calories due to added fats and sugars but have few or absolutely no nutrients. This puts you on the 'negative' side when it comes to wellness. Though you may be ingesting calories that provide 'satisfaction' and 'energy' they do not have any vitamins, minerals or fiber. Therefore, when these foods are consumed excessively they will cause weight gain.

Here are 3 popular empty-calorie snacks you should cross out from your next grocery trip. 

There is absolutely no nutritional benefit from soda's at all. These drinks as you already known are packed with sugars, carbonation and artificial flavors. Do not be fooled that diet sodas are better than regular as they are equally bad for you. If you feel you need caffeine, check out our article on how to keep your caffeine intake healthy. 

Although cakes and cookies can be made with natural fruits, nuts and other natural ingredients to be labeled as "healthier," most of what makes a cake or cookie desirable is still the empty calories. Grain-based desserts are one of the most empty calorie foods since they are full of sugar and fat. 


I really did not want to put Potato chips on this list, because they are my true weakness. Regardless, potato and and corn chips are full of empty calories. They are normally fried in saturated oils and some even contain added sugar and excessive sodium. 

Not only do these snacks provide no nutritional value to you,  they can also be debilitating to your immune system therefore making you more prone to various illnesses. 

Which of these will be the hardest to cut for you?