This habit is stealing 8+ hours of your week

If you have ever worked an 8 hour shift you probably understand how much can be done in 8 hours and also how long 8 hours can feel.  I work 8:00am - 5:00pm and most days I feel like my whole day is over by the time I leave work, especially during the winter months.  Anyone else?? 

8 hours is a lot of time, and it feels like a lot more time when you spend it doing something that isn't always exciting. So why is it, that when we get on our phones, we feel that time flies?  

+++ Have you been late somewhere because you were hung up on your phone?
+++ Have you stayed stopped at a green light because you were looking down at your phone? 
+++ When you go to the bathroom, do you whip your phone out? Probably sitting there for longer than you need to. 
+++ Do you go to bed 30-40 minutes later because you are on your phone? 
+++ Do you snooze for 30 minutes more because you are on your phone?

Last week I asked my audience, my friends, and family to answer a simple question:

"Do you use your phone as an alarm?" 

The results of the survey were almost unanimous. Out of 163 people, 151 stated they do use their phone as an alarm and only 15 stated they don't. All of my audience consisted of people who are active on social media, so the fact that "yes" was a majority was not surprising. But I was surprised to see how high the percentage was, 92% of smart phone users (from this specific survey) use their phone as an alarm, including me.  

Believe me, I am not intrigued by the methods people use to get up in the mornings, but what I am intrigued by is how much time is wasted in simple habits like using our smart phones as our alarms. I totally get it; I don't know if I could trust anything else for an alarm clock, primarily because I haven't in years. But does that justify 8 hours of my week?

Most people who use their smart phones as alarms spend 20-30 minutes on their phones in the mornings before getting up and before bed. It's just too easy. This is not an ethical issue at all,  but it is a huge waste of time. When we look at our phones at the beginning and end of our days we are usually not being productive (don't tell me you write essay's on your phone after your alarm goes off) 90% of the time it is mindless scrolling. So, yes if you add that time up you can estimate that around 8 hours of your week is spent on nothing - and we hardly notice! 


It's hard to notice something when you don't know the difference. Most of us have been doing this for years! We probably wonder if anything would feel or change? I did it with my husband and it was SO GOOD. Unfortunately, we went back to using our phones when our alarm clock broke and never got around to getting a new one (why is getting an alarm clock, so hard?) To feel a difference simply shop for an alarm clock or choose to charge your phone several feet away from your bed - making it impossible for you to lay in bed with your phone. In fact, make your bed a "phone free" zone. 

Get your 8 hours back!!