4 Vital Components Your Goals Must Include

2018 is coming so soon and I am this excited for the first time. I normally do not care about a new year starting because I am not naturally goal oriented or structured - at all. In the past years I lived on a day to day basis with no end in mind. Last year was the first time I actually came up with ONE GOAL that was realistic and that I was genuinely excited for. Yes, of course like everyone else I wanted to lose weight, exercise more and eat better (so generic, right?) and because my heart did not find these goals in the least bit interesting I always seemed to quit a few days into the new year. 

For 2017, my only goal was to create a CAPSULE WARDROBE and live on 30-40 clothing items for the remainder of winter. I was inspired by the Minimalism documentary, and I also saw the great need for it in my life. I owned so many things, and most of them I did not even like. My whole life I had people telling me how much stuff I had, and it was obnoxiously hard for me to get rid of things. I was surprised that I actually pulled through with my goal, and it has now become a lifestyle. 

Here are 5 components that by looking back I have been able to pull from my experience in 2017 that will help you achieve your goals in 2018!

We all have so many goals we want to reach. We want to get skinnier, eat better, workout more, read, write, travel...etc but the magic happens when you focus on one thing at a time. I was able to achieve this capsule wardrobe goal because it was simple. I was not going to purge my whole house, or completely suspend my shopping for a year - I was not ready for that. How can you transform that BIG goal you have in mind, into a smaller, bite-sized goal? 

I specifically chose to roll with the Project 333 guidelines because I needed specific and clear direction and I did not want to be the one to come up with them. Are there any resources or plans you can follow to accomplish your simple goal? Find a way to structure what you would be doing whether it is on a day to day, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Like previously mentioned, I was committing to this concept for less than 3 months. It was more of a trial run at the time. I wanted to experience living with less before I dove any further. Most of the time we set goals for ourselves without fully knowing if they are what we really want, or if they are a good fit. When we realize these goals are not for us, we feel as if we "failed." What are some ways you can make this simple goal, short-termed? This could mean that you are going to eat Whole 30 for only ONE MONTH instead of a year..etc etc. The great thing about short term goals is that it allow space for trial and error and gives you opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and adjust. 


Lastly, share your short term goals with your friends and family. I know that this can be hard because you may be scared to fail. Trust me, it is much easier to fail when we keep our goals to ourselves. In 2017 I asked a few friends and acquaintances to try this concept with me and many accepted. Our community started with about 13 people, and soon grew to a group that is about so much more! I was way more motivated to stay strong and complete my goal because I had others who were working alongside of me and sharing their experience with me. Think about ways you can work on your goals with others whether it be a book club, fitness class, business course, church group...etc. 

2018, we are ready for you!