3 steps to maintain Naturally White Teeth

Our teeth are so important and we often take them for granted. Many of us just want our teeth to look straight and white, and have no clue how to otherwise measure their health. Whitening strips are popular for this reason, but they can be easily overused! Even though we know the dangers of whitening strips, our society cares more about appearances.  

Though the majority of whitening strips are labeled as safe, there are some that contain chlorine dioxide which can destroy the enamel on your teeth. According to the Humana Health and Wellness Humana Blog this is the same acid that is used to disinfect swimming pools. As a result you are wearing down enamel and increasing the chance for tooth decay. It is also important that you follow the instructions as indicated and not use strips longer or more often than what is recommended. Another risk presented is swallowing the gel which normally contains hydrogen peroxide indicated to be poisonous. This whitening option though affordable is hardly good for your teeth. 

Natural ways you can maintain healthy and white teeth include the following: 

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. Very popular and some argue most effective way to whiten your teeth. Though at first scary, brushing your teeth with activated charcoal actually cleans and gives your teeth a new shade of white. Make sure to use activated charcoal from a food/medical grade sorce. Simply dip a toothbrush into the powder, brush, don't panic and rinse. There is no taste to be concerned about.

COCONUT OIL. There are two ways you can use coconut oil to mantain overall health.

* Oil-Pulling is simply is using coconut oil and swishing in your mouth for 5-15 min. This helps remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth. I have personally noticed that oil pulling helps my teeth feel smoother and shinier. You can do this while you shower, or while you wash dishes to make time go by faster. I'll warn you, since coconut oil is thicker it's not as easy to swish and it gets tiring. 

* Cotton & Oil are other tools you can use to clean your teeth. Simply apply coconut oil to a cotton swab and clean/scrub tooth by tooth. I have particularly loved doing this every week, and giving my teeth a new shade of white. You can see the result of your work on the cotton swab!

With either of these methods, there is no taste to be concerned about. 


ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL. Another method to maintain a white smile is to simply add one drop of orange essential oil to your toothbrush when brushing. Some blogs share that orange and lemon fruits can be used for whitening, but they are not safe for your enamel due to how acidic they are. However the essential oils are different. According to a recent study, the fruit juices tested were 10 times more acidic than its corresponding essential oil. Therefore, essential oils are far less likely to cause acid erosion to enamel. 

These natural methods, though safer for your teeth are not recommended to practice daily. The best method to care for your teeth is daily prevention. Avoid smoking, coffee, soda's and other acidic drinks. Always brush your teeth at least 3 times a day and floss daily to maintain optimal oral health.