3 Important Habits to Promote a Good Night

It is important to have and maintain a night routine to care for your body. Though it can hardly seem worth it, know that simple habits can build up to make big differences. Being intentional with your time before and after bed not only will promote overall wellness but boost your confidence.

It is easy to fall into the habit of spending our nights staying up late binge watching Netflix, eating snacks and scrolling through our phones. We want to motivate you to take ownership of your time and add value to your night routine creating lasting beneficial effects. 

Three simple ideas to focus on are: 

PERSONAL HYGIENE. The most important and practical step! It is important to keep this step simple so that it is easy to do instead of neglect. Our hygiene and beauty routines will look different, but all should include cleaning and moisturizing your face and flossing + brushing your teeth.


RELAX. Find something that will enhance and help you settle for a good nights sleep. A few options include a hot bath, a hot cup of tea, turning on your essential oil diffuser or lighting a soy candle. Your choice.

UNPLUG. Put your phone down. I know how hard this is to do! Scrolling on your phone may seem rather comforting and appropriate but there are far better things you can do to support your mental health. Some suggestions include: journaling, reading, planning your next day, spending time with your family, meditation & prayer...etc.

Do not view these suggestions as tasks but rather as investments into overall wellness & remember that it is always harder to do that which is better for you.