Once Cycle at a Time

About two weeks ago, when I was on my period I thought about how much paper and plastic waste it can produce. As women, we can't help it, it is a natural function of our bodies for most of our lives and there are not many alternatives to paper and plastic. The average woman throws away 250-300 pounds of feminine products in their lifetime and uses about 14,000 tampons.

In that moment, I wished that there was a way to use natural & green products while producing less waste & yet still using tampons - because if I am honest with you - they are the most comfortable and practical thing.

There are a few natural options for women like me, who are concerned about the chemicals and the plastic waste that is involved in regular tampons and pads. One of the options that I have tried is the Menstrual Cup. Though this option is very cost effective and lasting, it is not practical for women who are for real on-the-go. The Menstrual Cup is not ideal when 90% of your bathroom use is in public restrooms where hygiene is not optimal. Another issue that is often reported with Menstrual Cups is lack of comfort, sizing issues, leakage and even pain. The menstrual cup is ideal for women who have the time and may I add, the motivation, to go through the process of adjusting and figuring out the menstrual cup - but that is not every woman's case. 

next! There are some incredibly cute designs with excellent reviews out there. Though cloth pads have proven to be reliable, they are not practical for women who are also on-the-go as produces its own kind of laundry and care. I can imagine these would be a perfect option for using through the night.


Some women have opted to using 100% cotton tampons and simply purchase them without the plastic applicator. If you are up to the task, this option can be one of the most practical! Though I am not a fan of the mess and inconsistency of manually putting one on. 

If your lifestyle has kept you from consistently using a menstrual cup and cloth pads for lack of practicality - I am so happy to share about this new product that is STILL IN THE WORKS, and I cannot wait to try: A REUSABLE TAMPON APPLICATOR. 

THINX has announced that it is developing RETA: a Reusable Tampon Applicator. Though this option is not 100% green, it is so much better than our current tampon options in the market. Using 100% cotton tampons are safe and natural and having a reusable applicator will make it EASY, COMFORTABLE & PRACTICAL for women who are on-the-go while keeping it GREEN.