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Hello there! I am Micaela Staudenmaier, I am excited to tell you a little about myself and hopefully get to learn about you soon. I started blogging in 2015 and have enjoyed having a creative outlet since. I am originally from Ecuador but have lived most of my life and completed all of my higher education in the United States. I am no doubt a dog person, I prefer tea over coffee, and salty over sweet. If you are into Enneagram’s - I am a total 7. I enjoy being adventurous, fun, and always look for ways to enjoy life. I am enthusiastic and excited to tackle new challenges!


I am a self-taught at building Squarespace and Wix websites. I also consider myself to be a great writer, which you can judge from all the blog posts in the rest of this blog “A Swell Space.” I have a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and currently completing my Master’s degree. I thoroughly enjoy helping other creative entrepreneurs with writing, basic website building, and inventory/shop management. I have opened and run my small shop through Squarespace and have experience with pricing products, shipping products, and managing inventory. I am a great fit for you if you need a short term virtual assistance for a project launch, for inventory/shop management, for writing, and I am totally open to your specific training if needed.


I want you to know I am brand new in the field of offering virtual services. If you believe I am a good fit for you, lets talk! I am most comfortable talking to you first, learning about your project and giving you an opportunity to interview me before we discuss payment and fees. I want to take into consideration the type of help you will need, your budget, and my experience. Please feel free to reach out to me directly anytime at with any inquiries. My preferred form of payment is PayPal or a mailed-check; at least half of the calculated fee’s will be expected before any work is completed. Fee’s will be calculated based on number of hours worked and recorded on a detailed timesheet that you will have direct and continuous access to.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, I look forward to ‘meeting ya’!


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