5 Instant Benefits from Living with a Capsule Wardrobe

Part of me wants to say I had heard of Project 333 before this year. I have a somewhat vague memory of thinking that living with only a handful of clothes was absolutely crazy & unnecessary, especially if you can afford to have more! 

Well, now I am here. After watching the Minimalists documentary I was inspired to give it a try and starting with my closet seemed the most appropriate. I have always been known for having a full closet. 

I quickly shared this project with my friends in hopes that I don't have to do this by myself. I knew I needed accountability! After a few people agreed, and others from all around the world joined we started this journey. 

You can find more information about this project by visiting www.bemorewithless.com. The basic rules of this project include picking 33 items of clothing to use those for 3 months. Your capsule includes accessories, shoes & outer wear, but does not include lounge wear, work out clothes, & underwear. After picking your 33 items of choice it is recommended to box the rest of your clothes up. 

After 63 days of following this project, I have learned so much! There is so much good that comes with reducing and simplifying your wardrobe that goes beyond what I imagined. Let me share the highlights that were shared in our group so far regarding this project: 

Do you have nice clothes you hardly wear? If our closets are full of sweat pants, leggings & sweat shirts it is more likely that we will be prone to wearing them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being comfortable, however, most of us have lots of very nice clothes that go completely untouched for months! Truth be told that it is easier to wear our comfy clothes because "looking nice" actually takes time and thought. 

Do you fear the laundry monster?  You know, that pile that never ends? Laundry loads in most households are impossible to keep up with. I would've never found the correlation between the size of my closet and the height of my dirty laundry piles if it wasn't for Project 333. When you have a closet full of clothes you tend to let your laundry pile grow taller and taller because you have plenty of clothes you can keep wearing before you have to do laundry. However, with less clothes you will realize your load can only grow so tall before you have to do laundry. Project 333 has held me accountable, and has allowed laundry to be a much more quicker and enjoyable task. 

Part of the process of getting ready in the morning can lead to over-thinking & stressing about what you are going to wear that day. In the moment of trying this and that top, with these and those shoes-  before you realize it, half of your closet is piled on your bed or on the floor. Moments like these can add unnecessary stress to your day. Coming home to a messy room is no fun! One of the best things about project 333 is planning a few of your outfits a head of time and having all the items you love! Getting ready in the morning is easy and fast. And if you make a mess, it will be a small one. 

I usually recommend that for your first capsule you use what you have. Though it is not the main point, one of the greatest parts about Project 333 is becoming less consumeristic. You will be challenged to be extra careful with what you buy because it will play a more significant role in your wardrobe. Quality will matter more than quantity. I can personally say I have been way less drawn to finding sales or visiting malls. 

This aspect can be the hardest for most people. When sorting through your closet and picking your 33 most loved items you may quickly realize you need to find "your style." What I mean, is that preparing a capsule will make it more feasible, affordable and almost necessary to keep it within a style of your choice. You will want most of your apparel to be complementary and that way you can get the most outfits out of your capsule. It is a win, win!

It is never too late to start this project! Picking your 33 items can be quite challenging at first, but so worth the time and effort in the long run. 


- Micaela