How I felt when I created my first Capsule Wardrobe

When we decided to try out Project 333, it was so hard to figure out where to start. The hardest part is getting started, especially when you have a large and full closet. Going through it seems quite overwhelming & tasking. 

It does take a lot of time, and some would say, a lot of emotion. There are a few ups and downs that I would like to share with you: 

EXCITEMENT. At first, I was very excited to go through this project. I had looked at a few capsule wardrobe pictures for inspiration, and they all looked so pretty! I could hardly wait to get my closet in that shape. 

OVERWHELMED. After pulling all my stuff on to my bed and floor, I felt very overwhelmed at just how much stuff I had to go through. I knew it was going to take time and lots of work! 

GUILT. As I picked through every single item I owned, and tossed it on the "no pile," I felt guilt. There were many items that I had not even worn, or only worn once. That pile grew bigger than I thought it would.

DOUBT. Can I really do this? A lot of second guessing happens when following this project. There is plenty of going back & fourth with our picks. Not only that, but getting rid of the "no-pile" can be tricky. It took some courage to not go through that pile again, "just in case." 

RELIEF. Once you are able to narrow down your capsule, and place it in your closet, there is an amazing sense of relief. I could not stop looking at my organized, clear, and spacious closet! I couldn't believe that I was "okay" with it. I was so proud, and impressed!

SURPRISED. I had so many hangers left over. Before this project I thought I needed to go and pick up more hangers from the store...crazy! I was surprised to see the amount of clothes I didn't actually wear or even like. Why did I even buy this stuff? 

CONTENT. I couldn't believe that I could be satisfied with 33 items, but I was. 33 items is plenty, and it includes more than what you would think! After boxing up spring, summer and fall clothes, I was ready to GO!! 

It has been all worth it, and now we are working on getting our spring capsules set up!