Planning for your Fall Capsule Wardrobe + Inspiration.


Fall is almost here and though I am not in a hurry I do like to plan ahead. Right about now is when I start to weed out summer clothes I never wore once... Sadly but true, there are some pieces in my summer capsule that did not get worn once this summer. Most of them I think are cute and pretty but for many minor reasons I didn't wear them a single time. Some of the apparel isn't comfortable, doesn't fit my season of life or simply doesn't match my current wardrobe style. These are pieces I transfer to a box that will bet later donated to a local thrift store. I usually donate my items twice a year. After fall and after spring. Here is a quick guide on how to transition out your summer capsule and bring in your fall capsule - and if you are new to this concept NO WORRIES, you will find this guide surely helpful anyway. 

1. CLEAN OUT. Maintaining a capsule wardrobe is no easy task because between transitions things can get a little bit messy - especially if you live in the midwest because the weather varies so often. The best thing you can do at the beginning of every season is to deep clean your closet. Remove all items and start organizing again. If you have your winter and spring clothes all boxed up, no worries do not mess with them but do remove all clothes from your hangers and start fresh. This is a great time to go through your shoes, your underwear drawers, your house-clothes...etc and clean it up. 

2. FILTER & CLASSIFY. As you go through all your clothes make sure to filter your stuff and put it in the appropriate "box" or drawer. Keep your winter, spring, summer & fall boxes neat. I usually have only 2 boxes 'hot weather' & 'cold weather.' Also filter through your summer clothes and discard items you didn't wear this year! This is a good time to box most of your summer apparel and keep only a few items out until the weather completely cools down. 

3. MAKE SPACE & DEFINE. Make space for your brand 'new' fall capsule and pick a number limit for your capsule. This will help you really examine every piece and only hang your top favorites. Then you can rely on the items left in your box in case you want to do some 'in-house shopping' later to remix your wardrobe. Anywhere between 30-40 items is a great place to start. This includes everything but underwear, gym clothes (*to be used only at the gym) and house clothes (*clothes to only be used at home).

4. EXAMINE & LIMIT YOUR SHOPPING.  Once your fall capsule is all set in your closet. Make note of what you have. What possible outfits can you make with what you got? Is there anything your capsule is missing? Sometimes a dark pair of pants, a brown belt or the perfect cardigan is all we need to feel as if your capsule is all complete & refreshed. Take note of only a couple of items you'd like to buy and keep an eye out for it. 

5. JOIN THE CHALLENGE. A challenge that most people participate in the beginning of every season is called the 10x10 challenge. Pick 10 items of clothes that you will use for the next 10 days. The idea is to get the most amount of outfits from only 10 items. You can get some amazing inspiration by searching the appropriate hashtag for each season: #Fall10x10 #Summer10x10 #Spring10x10 & #Winter10x10. 

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Time for some inspiration. The following outfits are based off some classic fall tones. I bet you can find pieces that match these tones and this will be a great start to help you mix & match.

Fall, we are ready for ya! 


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