What You Need To Know About Fashion Revolution Week


Fashion Revolution Week is celebrated on the week of April 24th because it was the date that the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Bangladesh. This tragedy killed over 1k people, and injured several thousands most of them who were garment workers. Fashion Revolution Day was inaugurated the following year, and it later turned into a whole week. 


Fashion Revolution Week is full of campaigns and other actions to demand greater transparency in the Fashion supply chain. During this week people from around the world unite and through various avenues press fashion brands to consider the effects of their industry on people from a humane stand point and the world from an environmental view.  You can find more about this campaign by visiting www.fashionrevolution.org and also by searching the #whomademyclothes on all social media platforms.


Since the inauguration of Fashion Revolution Week there have been several brands who have been more open about their manufacturing process. Because of this movement several brands are getting involved and attempting to answer their customers questions. Known brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Gildan are among more than 2000 brands and retailers that have responded with real information about their suppliers, or with photographs of their workers which you can find by searching #imadeyourclothes on most social media platforms.


You can get involved in several ways: 

+++ Post on social media a picture of your clothes, tag your favorite brands & ask them #whomademyclothes. You can do this throughout the week by simply taking a picture of your outfit everyday! 
+++ Send a postcard to a policy maker. Legislators decide minimum wages, mandate working conditions and create laws that protect people and the environment - public officials expect to be contacted by their constituents (that’s you). 
+++ Go to an event. You can find the event calendar in the Fashion Revolution site to see if your town or city is hosting an event for this week. If not, you can always plan one for your friends and invite them to be a part of this powerful movement.
+++ Sign the manifesto written by the Fashion Revolution community. 10 perfectly written statements that deserve to be core values of the fashion industry.
+++ Try a Haulternative. This is a way of refreshing your wardrobe witchout buying new clothes - some ideas include: swaps, DIYs, getting 2hands...etc. See all ideas provided by the Fashion Revolution organization here.

Take action my friends, because our our clothes do not need to come at the cost of people or our planet.