20/80 Wardrobe Rule

The 20/80 rule indicates that an ideal capsule wardrobe has 20% trending items and 80% basic items. This allows you to keep your wardrobe mostly classy, yet also trendy (if you so desire) making it more lasting and satisfying.


These are items that are neutral, subtle and versatile. Ideally, these pieces are easy to pair with anything and easy to dress up with accessories. They are known to make traveling easy and people won't notice you are wearing the same thing repeatedly.  I recommend that you invest in this area the most, since they are going to be the most lasting and permanent pieces of your wardrobe.  Examples of items in your basic list include: black pants, jeans, leather boots, striped T's, knitted sweaters, black dress...etc.


You can choose to spice up your wardrobe every season/year - it's completely up to you. Since I started doing the capsule wardrobe I have noticed that my focus has shifted and I do not jump into any trend right away. Trends vary and can be specific to colors, texture, patterns...etc. Questions that can help you when shopping trends are: 
- Will I wear this to more than one occasion? 
- Does it match my basic wardrobe?
- Does it flatter my body type? 
- How many "trend pieces" do I want to add to my wardrobe this season? 
- What is my budget? 

What are some of your FAVORITE BASIC pieces?