Clothes Shopping Could Be Costing You More Than Money

It all started in January of 2017 when I decided that my only goal for the year was to "minimize my closet." After being burned by not completing most of my New Years Resolutions for the last several years, I realized it was time to try something NEW. This was the start to a lot more than just a fresh wardrobe, it was the beginning of a new and defined confidence, purpose and yes - even improved wellness. 

It is possible that you are truly happy with everything that is in your closet, but very few people are. Most of us only wear 20% of what we own 80% of the time. If you have a full closet and you find yourself doing laundry often because you are "out of clothes to wear" - it is likely you are only wearing 20% or less of your clothes. It is hard for most of us to admit that this may be a reality. I often hear people say, "I do not need to have a capsule wardrobe, because I have a walk in closet and everything I own fits in it." I laugh because TRUTH BE TOLD, I was mostly inspired to try the capsule wardrobe concept because we lived in a tiny apartment with only two small closets. One for me, and one for my husband. I dove into this concept out of necessity - but I also know people with walk in closet's who own a capsule wardrobe not out of necessity but because it is truly practical in every sense. Here are 3 ways that owning a capsule wardrobe can improve your overall wellness. 


It's true, owning a capsule wardrobe will actually boost your confidence. Going through this process will help you develop a personal style that most people struggle to find. Have you bought trends that do not fit your body or personality only to end up feeling like a failure? Do you have items in your closet with tags on reminding you spent money on something you never wore? Do you try outfits suggested on fashion magazines wondering if it will ever be possible to feel good in your clothes? Because a Capsule Wardrobe only consists of 20-40 items, it will challenge you to find your favorite clothes that not only feel great, look great but also work great with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Getting dressed every day should not be something we stress over, especially because it will set the tone for the rest of the day. It should also not be time consuming or create extra clutter in our lives. Not that you won't have to ever make any clothing decisions again, but you will get better at it. When you complete a capsule wardrobe you will know exactly what outfits you love, what type of attire you feel great in and it will get easier and easier not only to get dressed every day but it will make shopping easier and purposeful. You will no longer stand in front of all your clothes wondering what to wear. Fewer clothes means less choices, and in this case better choices. 

Like explained above, owning a capsule wardrobe will save you time. You will spend way less time shopping and getting dressed will be quicker and easier. Oh, and you may even have a whole lot less laundry! Once I got into the groove of owning a capsule wardrobe and quit my shopping addiction, I realized I had time and a whole lot of energy to devote to something else. In my case I spent more time blogging and diving into other creative hobbies. Instead of adding clothes, you can re-focus and add something else to your life that does not create stress or clutter such as trying a new recipe every week, trying a new exercise routine, adding new songs to your playlist...etc. 

If you are thinking about or are in the middle of creating and completing your first capsule wardrobe, stay tuned! We will soon launch our very first Capsule Wardrobe Handbook for this Spring. Find specific outfit inspiration for 4 different color palettes that will last beyond this Spring. Be sure to subscribe and be the first to receive the exclusive news!