My 2017 Spring Capsule Wardrobe


This weekend I got to spend a few hours arranging my spring wardrobe capsule, and tonight I will be working on hanging in my closet! This time I tried out more patterns, and colors -- we shall see how that goes!

SO GLAD this capsule was surprisingly effortless. It was probably so because I only had one box worth of stuff to sort through. Most of the work was done at the very beginning of the journey when I had to go through ALL of my closet. 

THE GOAL of capsule wardrobe is to get as many outfits as possible. This past winter, our Project 333 group went through a 2 week challenge together. The goal was to encourage creativity and wear a different outfit every day for 2 weeks. So many people jumped in & were able to complete it. It was personally more difficult towards the end, but definitely possible. Join us this spring! 

SOMETHING DIFFERENT  that I am doing this time is not including any jewelry, or any winter accessories as part of my capsule. Jewelry has never been something I use, and when I do its usually just earrings. Though I may have to grab a scarf or a coat a few times, I do not expect it to be for long! 

CHANGES are more than likely to happen after a little while. After using your capsule for a while you will notice that some pieces don't match, feel uncomfortable or the weather may not cooperate. Spring can be tricky as it is a season that can feel cold at the beginning, yet very warm towards the end.