The Best and Sustainable Way to Clean Your Dishes


Diving into the sustainable journey drove me to seek for a more eco-friendly way to clean my dishes, as this was one of the easiest steps I could take and also one of the most affordable as I take little steps into making my home and my kitchen more eco-friendly.

I find that most people tend to use dish rags, or dish sponges to wash their dishes which aren’t very sanitary. From experience, they can quickly begin to stink and then are easily disposed which is not great for our environment considering they not made of compostable materials. These sponges can also emit toxins into the environment as they are made of synthetic and petrochemical materials.

Though dish sponges may appear to be one of the more ‘cost effective’ and convinient ways to clean your dishes as they are sold at the dollar store and amazon sells a pack of 20 for only $9.99 they are not when you consider how often you are going through them. At least in my experience, I have had to at times throw a sponge away after only a week’s use because the stink won’t wash away. They aren’t also the healthiest option, and if you care about being a better steward of plant earth you will want to make this simple switch!

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Like most changes, switching to more eco-friendly products is always an adjustment as we tend to be used to easy, comfortable and disposable. After using the following two brushes for over 6 moths I am convinced I have found the perfect tools for a more eco-friendly alternative when it comes to hand dishwashing. Not only are they easy to use and effective, but also cute enough to display if you so prefer to do.


First, let me introduce you to the Kuechenprofi Classic Dish Washing Brush. The reason I chose this brush is because it has a long handle. I have tried the short handle brushes before and they did not feel quite as comfortable because with the soapy water they can get slippery. This handle is perfect, and it will even allow you to wash your dishes without getting soapy water on your hands. The handle will last you YEARS (if not literally forever) so that you only need to replace the brush bristles as needed. Thankfully, you can find the Kuechenprofi 2-Pack Replacement Brush Refill on amazon as well and get your brush replace as needed. It is so easy. The brushes have lasted me about 6-8 months.

Second, let me introduce you to my favorite glass, cup & thermos cleaner, the Redecker Horsehair Bottle Brush. The reason why I believe it is vital to have a separate brush for washing cups and thermos is because grease can easily show on glasses. I have a brush that I only use on glass on “drinking ware” which is normally free of grease. This leaves your glasses looking nice and shiny! Also, not to mention how easy it is to clean cups and thermos’s as it has a long handle and a nice circular shape. Definitely one of those tools I wish I had bought sooner.


Lastly, I recommend you keep some metal scrubbers for when needing some extra strength for scrubbing - considering you are not washing any non-stick pans that is. The Redecker Copper Cleaning Cloth work for me because most of my pots & pans are stainless steel (to learn why I made this switch, read my last post on why you may want to also ditch your non-stick cookware). These are particularly neat because they are gentle, leaving no scratch marks on your cookware. What I love about these ‘sponges’ the most is that they can be washed in your dishwasher machine making them extremely eco-friendly and durable. That is it friends, I hope you chose to make your kitchen just a little bit cleaner with these simple and more eco-friendly switches!