15 Quotes that will keep your minimal, simple & eco-friendly game strong!

Though it is easier than 5 years ago, living an eco-friendly life is still pretty against the mainstream. I mean, it's easy to think that a lot of people out there are living perfect eco-friendly lives, but that is only because you (like me) follow many eco-friendly and crunchy bloggers on Instagram which only highlight the good. In reality, though most of the people in our world are still in the dark, and most retailers are too.  Though Starbucks, H&M, and Target have made some efforts to encourage eco-friendly practices, most people do not know or take advantage of them. It's lonely, it's awkward. If I'm honest, it's not second nature to me yet. Yes, I don't use plastic straws anymore but there are days I forget to take my plastic bags on a quick run to the store. Yes, I don't drink or purchase plastic water bottles but there are days I buy clothes I didn't really need.

This lifestyle though lonely, is growing and though hard it's worth it. On the days you miss drive thru's, plastic water bottles, keriug coffee, saran wrap, and shopping therapy jump back to this post and read a little bit of truth. These are quotes I handpicked for you because they bring me back to the reasons why I have decided to embark on this journey. So happy you are tagging along!


Please feel free to drop your favorite quotes that keep you in check in the comments below.