From Straight Razor Shaving to HARRY'S.

written by Drew Staudenmaier

Awhile back I wrote a post on how I shave on the cheap using straight razors with disposable blades, brushes and shave soap. Not only do you save $$$ but you also use less plastic and produce much less waste. However, things have changed since. When we moved things got a little crazy and since we lived in someone else’s house for about two months we didn’t have all of our stuff. That is when I had to seek for another option.

I’ll admit, I don’t grow a nice looking beard. This is why I need to shave about once or twice a week to not look like a 7th grade boy who is trying his best to look ruggedly handsome. I have gotten cheap disposable multi blade razors and honestly they got the job done for the most part… However if I let my facial hair get past a couple of days of growth it became really hard and painful to shave. In regards to straight razor shaving, though it is an enjoyable art it takes skills and most importantly time. I found I was nicking my face quite a bit on the curves which was really annoying.


Then one day I got a mailer from Harry’s subscription shave service that came with a bunch of other stuff you get when you move. You know all the promo codes and discount coupons the post office sends to your new address. I got a really good deal for a handle, blades and a small can of their shaving gel and so I went ahead and ordered a starter kit.

The first thing that struck me right out of the box was how nice the handle is. It’s really simple looking, mine is the olive green, and I love the soft but durable feel of it. Unlike regular plastic or metal handles which get nasty after being exposed to a lot of soap and water, this one has stayed looking brand new since I got it 6 months ago. It also has a nice weight to the handle, not to heavy but definitely not flimsy.  The blades they give you are incredible and are the best multi-blade cartridges I’ve ever used. They have 4 blades, a lotion strip and a single trimmer blade on the back. These cartridges are really flexible, rather than having a pivot point on the handle to move with the contour of your face, they made the cartridge itself very flexible - a very unique and patented feature. I’ve never been nicked with it and it moves with my face really well. I’ve also found that these shave exceptionally well on longer hair growth. I’ve woken up late and had to shave in a hurry before I left to go somewhere with longer growth and had no problem at all. If you keep your blades clean and dry they can last for many shaves. The shave gel is great too, it goes on well and has a fantastic scent that isn’t too overpowering and it has aloe vera in it so it’s nice and cooling.

I was very impressed with everything, in fact so much so that I haven’t gone back to my straight razor. My wife was disappointed because she prefers to be sustainable but the even more surprising thing is that I got to change her mind! She recently borrowed my razor because she was out of safety razor blades and told me she hadn't experience such a pleasant shave. Shaving generally is a pretty unsustainable practice because of the need to repurchase razor blades regardless of how you shave, but purchasing a reusable handle is a better option. The price for these quality razors is unbeatable when you do the math!

You can adjust how often you get refills and I have mine adjusted to every 5 months. You get to pick what goes into your box from blades, handles, shaving cream, shaving lotion, soaps and there the mystery box option too. I like the mystery box because though its $5/extra it gets you more bang for your buck.

You can also find Harry’s supplies at big retailers like Target or Walmart now if you’re not in to the whole subscription thing - but honestly I recommend the subscription over it. I shave almost every other day now just to keep things under control and honestly I just love their brand. The simplicity of their razors, the effectiveness and flexibility of their blades, and their other products are fantastic. It all feels like it molds to what your skin needs. Even though I don’t exclusively straight shave anymore I still like to collect shaving memorabilia but I think, at least for now, I’m going to stick to the quick convenience of shaving with Harry’s.

If you’d like to give Harry’s a try, use this referral link and get $5 off your first order. I know you will love it.

Drew Staudenmaier