5 Practical Ways You Can Start Living More Sustainably NOW

What use is it to care for ourselves if we do not take care of our home? Part of living a healthy lifestyle includes being conscious of our planet and creating habits with long term impacts. There is so much waste that can easily be avoided by you and me with little to no effort. Let's join hands  and be the change we want to see. Here are 5 practical and easy ways you can start living more consciously today.


One of the best ways to combat waste is to say NO to fast fashion (trends and cheaply made clothes) and to shop for your needs ethically. The average American gets rid of 82 pounds of clothes every year most which is not biodegrabale and will end up in landfills.  

Thrifting has its perks aside from it being one of the most sustainable ways to shop it offers unique finds, endless style options, great prices and it is a great way to cut back on waste. Thrifting and donating supports  your local community by providing jobs and affordable clothing to the people in your community. This concept started as a place for the poor to get hand-me-downs, but it has evolved into various small boutique consignment stores that specialize in designer and other fashion. 


Making compost can feel like a very hard thing to do if you do not have the right tools, so in order to create compost successfully I recommend that you gather all the tools you need first. You will need a compost bucket to keep in your kitchen that has the appropriate filters and compost bags to keep the odors and scraps contained. Once your bucket is full you can take it outside and add to your compost pile easily and effectively. Compost helps return nutrients to the soil and help maintain its quality and fertility. This organic matter can be used in gardens, landscaping, horticulture and agriculture to improve plant growth. 





I bet you hate getting all that junk mail anyway? This waste of paper can clutter your home so easily. Did you know that you can actually opt out? Here are a few steps you can take to stop junk mail. To be removed from marketing lists visit DMACHOICE.org or  To reduce credit card offers use OptOutPrescreen.com. Both services are independent of each other, so make sure to sign up for both. For more specific details, click here.





I am always surprised at just how much plastic is in the world. It is hard to avoid, but do not give up! Here are 3 EASY ways to start living a more plastic-free life, now: 

- French Press your coffee vs. K-Cups

- Avoid buying plastic bottled drinks

- Take your own shopping bags to the grocery store.





One of the best things you can do for your body is to switch to more natural based beauty, personal and household products. Green and toxic free products are not only better for you and your family in the long run, but also better for the environment as these product can highly affect the environment upon disposal. To learn more about my TOP and favorite pick for all-natural household, personal and beaty products click here - it is a one stop shop for all your basic needs!