All about: Sulfurzyme

Sulfurzyme is a mix of wolf berry powder and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a naturally occurring organic form of sulfur needed by our bodies. It is a protein-building compound that is found in breast milk, fresh fruits, and vegetables. MSM has the ability to equalize water inside the cells, which is a considerable benefit for people who need joint support. MSM is naturally found in the adrenal cortex, which is a part of our hormonal system that helps regulate our response to stressors. It’s also stored in our cerebral spinal fluid 🧠 and is used to maintain the structure of normal connective tissues (which hold your entire body together). 


Why take it?

MSM can help regulate our response to stress, accelerated healing, maintain connected tissue, supports immune function, and reduce pain as it helps counteract certain bi-products like lactic acid. It is also great for weak and brittle nails, hair that does not grow or is not healthy, joints that are painful, and skin issues.

Over the counter MSM a lot of it may be poor quality, and it may not easily absorb into your body. As young living’s is combined with wolfberry powder, it is much easier to absorb.

Want more research on MSM? Try the Miracle of MSM by Stanley Jacob:

Dr. Minke on the Red Drink

Young Living has Sulfurzyme available in powder form and capsule form. The only difference is that the powder contains Stevia as a sweetener to enhance the taste and then each contains the needed other ingredients to stabilize it in each form. It's a preferred method of ingesting for the most part.