My Ningxia Red Review

This month I ordered a different product from Young Living that I’ve been saving up for a while: NINGXIA RED. The first time I had it, I was immediately hooked. I could drink this forever..

These are some of the main reasons why I loved Ningxia Red:

  • PRACTICAL. I don’t have to drive to the grocery store,  or clean up the kitchen, I don’t have to even wash any cups!! You can buy Ningxia Red in individual packets. Just like Caprisuns, throw the box in the fridge and grab as you need.
  • DELICIOUS. If you like juice, this will be your favorite vitamin and dietary supplement. It tastes like concentrated smoothie from Jamba Juice. I call it my adult caprisun.
  • IT DIDN’T GET OLD. I have tried gummy vitamins & chocolate vitamins and I have enjoyed them for maybe a week and then got tired of the taste. I think it was because tho they tasted fine, they still didn’t taste just like candy… they were more so like funky candy and that was not something I really craved… But, the flavors of ningxia red did not get old, in fact after a whole month I’m sure like I liked it even better than the first time.
  • Great for ALL AGES & GENDERS. I know my friends with kids share their Ningxia Red with their whole family. It is not specific to any age, therefore it can be a family routine. It was for us! My husband and I would keep tabs on each other and would drink it together after exercise.

Because of these reasons I never forgot to take my daily vitamin, not even once! I cannot say the same thing of my multivitamin pills I got around 2012 (the bottles are still halfway full)..

If you already use Ningxia Red, what is your favorite part about it? Have you noticed a difference?

If you would like to try Ningxia Red, make sure you chill it in the fridge first & that you shake it well.