Premium Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

I have been using essential oils since November of 2015. It wasn't a big deal. I purchased essential oils for no other reason than the diffuser. At the time I lived in a apartment complex, and my neighbor was a smoker. There was not enough candles in the world! We always had a candle going, especially when we had company. There were a couple of times that we accidentally left our candles lit through the night... lets just say it happened more than once. Oops!

After being exposed to diffusers, I quickly decided I needed one. Our candles were just not the safest option. I hopped on amazon and did a quick diffuser search. Most of the reviews on diffusers I found at the time were not great. Most diffusers broke after 4-6 months of use. Other reviews stated that their diffusers would not take citrus oils because of their potency. The diffusers I considered affordable did not have the greatest reviews, so I started to look at the pricier ones. 

At the same time I had a friend who had a Young Living diffuser, and she had it since I'd known her with no problems. I did the research, I asked the questions, and by my own very self I came to the conclusion that Young Living had the best offer. The diffuser had excellent reviews, came with a year long guarantee, and 11 oils included! To be honest, I didn't look into any other aspect of Young Living other than the diffuser.

When I got my package, I was so excited to...guess what? DIFFUSE. I'd been controlling my candle addiction until my package arrived. I opened my kit, opened every single bottle with the expectation to encounter scents just like those at Bath and Body Works... Uh-Oh.

I was caught off guard. The oils didn't smell bad, but they certainly didn't all smell like sugar cookies, and vanilla spice. I was actually a little bit panicked. What did I just buy?! 

I quickly learned, thanks to my friend, that the Starter Kit also comes with oils that are used for more than just diffusing. Interesting, I thought.  There were a couple of oils I didn't want to diffuse. Whew!

The oils that I loved diffusing at first were: stress away, lemon, lavender, peppermint, purification, thieves and R.C. 

After a few weeks of feeling comfortable with diffusing single oils, I started to experiment more and mixing the scents to create new scents. If you have a YL starter kit, here are are a few of my favorite blends to diffuse with the starter kit.

ENJOY, and be pleasantly surprised with all the possibilities!
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