It's been 5 months!!


It has been about 5 months since we moved to Fairfield, Ohio (Cincinnati area). We moved from a small town to what many would consider, 'the city.' When we lived in Macon, MO we lived on a gravel road and had about an acre of yard. Most of our surroundings was farm land. We would see deer fairly often and hear the cows next door every day. Now that we live in the city things are vastly different. Though we have access to so much more we do miss that country serenity.

Some of the best things about this area is having access to a 'world market' also known as "Jungle Jim's." This is a huge grocery store that has foods (including fresh foods) from all around the world. This grocery store is a touristic destination because of its size, the creativity of the owner and the variety of goods offered. During the weekends this store is always incredibly crowded - but so fun. If you ever find yourself close to the Cincinnati area, make sure to make a stop there. We have also found many  international grocery stores including African, Mexican, Chinese & Indian.  These are grocery stores with native products from certain regions, exploring each of them has been the most fun. Fairfield is home to many different types of cultures making these type of stores very common.
Our first ministry right out of college was with Crossroads Christian Church in Macon, MO. We are so grateful for our time there. We fell in love with Macon & truly made that place our home. When we decided to answer God's calling in Ohio we were nervous - yet we also felt an insane amount of peace. Things didn't make so much sense from the outside since we had just bought a lovely home and a new car. I also had a stable job and Drew loved his ministry as it was. But after meeting and visiting our current church (Fairfield Church of Christ in Fairfield, Oh) we knew that God was calling us to Ohio. We answered the call and we are SO GLAD WE DID. The Lord worked every singled detail out: our house sold 24 hours after it was listed, we found a place to stay and live before we got here & the warm welcome we received from the people at our church was very moving. We love being a part of Fairfield Church of Christ! 
Everything has workout so nicely since we have moved, better than I could have ever expected. An expected challenged we encountered is adjusting to a new cost of living, the cost of living in a small town vs. city is very different. I had to sit down and write a brand new budget which has been a great learning experience but also challenging since both of us are big time 'spenders.'
The best part about our move has been learning how to trust God wherever we go. Everything happened so fast (or at least it feels like it did) but that is a good thing, and also a God thing. I believe so many times we want to force change in our lives, but the best thing you can do is pray and believe that God will answer those prayers in His perfect timing. 

"Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4.