Describing Marriage with One Word

I have been now married for almost 3 months; and it has been awesome in so many different ways. The word that my husband, Drew, always uses to describe marriage is “fun," and I could not agree any more. The best way I can describe what marriage is like for me is that it feels exactly like hanging out with your very best friend. Except that now, your best friend sleeps over every night, helps pay the bills, this makes time and experiences more fun and well interesting. Giggles never stop and practical jokes are ongoing. 

Another aspect of marriage that is “fun," is learning together. In my case some of the things that we had to learn to do together includes paying utility bills, buying groceries for two, picking a place to rent, and even learning about how each other communicates. Learning how to pick the right furniture, cook new recipes, clean a bigger home would be absolutely boring and tiresome if I did them alone every time. I am thankful I can share these moments with some one I love and call family.

I am not claiming to bring something new to the table, just expressing what marriage has been like for me. I decided to go with the word “fun” because it is a general word that when used leads to more questions such as “what do you mean? what did you do? why?” Some of the synonyms the dictionary gave me for the word “fun” include: enjoyable, amusing, interesting. It is true, marriage has been all of those. It is enjoyable to learn (even though sometimes it hurts), it is amusing to know yourself and your spouse in ways you didn’t, and finally being married is interesting as unexpected events in life happen, new opportunities and dreams arise and making decisions together is a daily thing.

If you are married, what one word would you pick to describe marriage? Why?

If you aren’t married, what one word have you mostly heard people describe marriage with?