Too busy to be married

We were blessed to start off our marriage at a really slow pace. I was able to have our first summer together off work, and be a "stay at home wife" if you will.  It was not the plan, but just how it worked out. Looking back, it was a special time. I needed that time to learn how to be a wife, haha. I learned how to pay rent, set up utilities, grocery shop, follow a budget, try new recipes...etc. It was so nice! Soon enough, after moving to Macon (where we live now) I started to work full-time

You know how that goes? Working full-time for the first time takes some adjusting. The days feel shorter, and managing time becomes necessary. Some of the things that we have had to learn how to make time for were grocery shopping, meal-prep, each other, house chores...etc. And, WE ARE STILL NOT GREAT AT IT.

I believe we are still in the learning process of how to adult more efficiently, ha. If at all possible. We seem to be walking this very fine line of busy, and "too busy." With all the responsibilities, sometimes it feels as if we hardly have time to simply enjoy our marriage, our work, our responsibilities, and life in general. 

It's not like we spend too much time doing things we do not like, but feeling like there is not enough time to enjoy those very same things. 

For example, meal-prep & grocery shopping is something I have always enjoyed, but for a while now it has felt more like a burden. I rush through the grocery store, and prep my meals as fast as possible. What I end up with is an incomplete grocery purchase, and "just okay" food. Not a happy result. 

We continue to work into not stepping into the crazy world of "too busy" and run out of time to enjoy the most basic parts of my life, because they are the most important.