On the Move

It has been a blessing to sense God's faithfulness and his blessing as we move forward in this new adventure. There are many parts to this story that clearly lead us into this new direction, and one of the most exciting ones has been selling our home. 

When Drew accepted this new job opportunity, we knew one of the most important and nerve-racking things we would have to do is sell our home. We have only been homeowners for a little over a year, and now we would have to pack it up and sell. Honestly, we had no idea how long or how hard it would be to sell our home during the winter and cold months. Drew and I had even discussed the possibility of me staying in Macon until the house sold. 

With hard work and help from our family and friends we were able to list our home and God answered our prayer before we were even able to worry much. Our realtor came in the evening to meet with us and start the process, and the next evening our home was under contract! Thank you Jesus! 


This is a phrase that Drew uses often and has lately felt ever so true.  Wherever you are in live know that God will equip you for what he has called you, always in His timing.