A Small Introduction

Drew and I met in a small town Moberly, in Mid Missouri. We attended Bible College together and became friends through having all our classes together, attending the same church and volunteer activities. We dated for 3 years, were engaged for over 1 year & have been married now for almost 2 years. Typing this paragraph just made me feel a tad bit old. Sometimes it feels like I just started college, but it has been 6 years!! 

Our journey has been so fun, full of experiences that have helped us become better at life. We only have about over a year in the "REAL WORLD." I thought that college was the real world, but after graduation I quickly realized it was not. Though classes are challenging, and papers take a ton of time and stress to write, it really was a comfortable place. Your food is taken care of, your best friends live down the hall, you have a set schedule per semester, long breaks and summers off. Pretty amazing. 

We got married the week after graduation. Drew worked two part time jobs that equaled a full time job and a half. I was not able to work our first summer as I was taking care of my student visa and transitioning into a permanent residence. That summer was gorgeous, our first home was so sweet. It was one of my greatest pleasures to decorate, grocery shop, cook. & clean However, we knew that our first home in Moberly would not be our home for long. 

After the summer, we moved to Macon, MO just 20 miles north to our first apartment together. We moved because we wanted to be more involved with our home church & it's community. 

AND THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED... this is where REAL LIFE for me began. 

I moved to a brand new town, and got a full time job! Things felt pretty rough at first. All my friends were back in college and I wasn't. I was starting this new stage of life. Here are a few things that I realized quickly: 

+++ Having a full time job can actually feel harder than being a full time student. 
+++ I no longer had weekends off, holidays or THE SUMMER. 
+++ I had to focus on saving money, building credit, paying the bills...and all those adult things. 
+++It was time to make new friends.

This was a time of tremendous growth. It actually paralyzed me a little. It was a lot of change, and I was slightly overwhelmed by everything. Every day felt like a brand new lesson! Have you experienced a time like this in your life?

It has been almost 2 years now since our move, and since my adulthood began. And for a little while now, everything has started to fall into place. We recently purchased our first home, and we love it! I have an amazing job and not getting 3 days off per week is something I finally made peace with. Saving money, and taking care of all that paperwork is something we understand now, & finally friendships have formed and continue to deepen. 

As the wanderer I have been for all my life (moved every 3-4 years) I am now understanding the feeling of what it is like to have a "home." A few things that have helped us are: 

+++ Friends (Friends in the community are the biggest factor for making a place home, they are the people you can do the big and small stuff with) 
+++ Church (small events, and big events our church has been an amazing place to meet wonderful people and get to serve along side of them)
+++ My house (believe it or not, having a house helps a place feel like home, painting and house projects are so fun) 
+++ Having pets (They are so adorable, and are always waiting for us to come home)
+++ Hosting gatherings (Having people over is one of the greatest opportunities to get to know people better)

Thanks for reading, and celebrating our journey with us so far! 

Drew & Mickey in the swing.jpg